Artist Statement

Born in Israel and grew up in a family that has both Yemen and German roots, my life was always full of different cultures and traditions. I learned that my identity can comfortably change on a broader scale of possibilities and viewpoints. This influences my work as an artist and designer, and I understand myself as a bridge or connecting point between people, topics and genres.

I am educated in electronics and physics, finished a Chemical engineering degree and gained a Master in Business Administration. After working as a project manager for several years in the industry, I earned my second bachelor’s degree as a product designer at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). I use my professional experiences and knowledge by combining, mixing and questioning it, inspired by nature and human social challenges.

I understand my artistic practice as an experiment within and outside the traditional boundaries of science and technology and beyond norms used in the industry. As a kind of explorer, I have the desire for searching new possibilities for creation in an open process. I am looking for the moment of surprise in the creation process going through long research and exploration.

In my works, I try to find the individual story of the subjects I’m working with. Each object or machine is an individual that I strive to get closer to in a kind of naive manner, both physically and emotionally.

In my recent works, I am working with 3D printers, using failures, and irregularities as an invitation to build closeness and intimate relationship within this new digital surrounding.

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