In the last few years one third of the world’s bee population has vanished. This phenomenon is referred to as the Bee Colony Collapse. The reason remains unknown. Learning about bees, I found that in winter, the bees live approximately 5-8 months, while in summer and spring, when flowers are blooming and they have much more work, they live for 1-3 months.

As our landscape changes and urbanisation takes over nature, the air gets more polluted and the bees work becomes much harder and stressful. Men exploit bees for their own needs without giving anything back. Maybe, just as us humans, the bees need to stop their work sometimes and just have a rest, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. An armchair in their size might give them this opportunity...

The work was exhibited in the opening exhibition of Group Global 3000, “IXDS Talks”, Designtransfer and Pecha Kucha Berlin.

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