In the work "Coming From There", I’m exploring freedom in the field of mechanical machines. A 3D printer that was developed to create very precise 3D objects, feels very alien to me as a human. By embedding irregularities in the printing process, I explore a co-creation technique together with the machine. The sculpture is being made as a constant reaction to the slow and random movements of the printer.

The work is part of the Kitz.schafft project where each artist is responding the the artwork of a previous artis from the project. This work is inspired by the painting “Red Rectangle” made by Susanne Kunjappu-Jellinek. In her work, Sussanne discusses the topic of freedom by giving color for a black and white photo from the DDR. As I saw the painting I felt drone to the palette of colors that she decided to use. The basic form of the sculpture fits the aesthetic language related to DDR plastic products while at the same time have the characteristics of some kind of creature from an imaginary world. Do we perceive this object as natural or industrial and from what world does it coming from?

Size: 30x20x12 cm
Materials: PLA filament, ink, thread

        Susanne Kunjappu-Jellinek
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