With a social structure that is more and more based on the internet, slowly we are starting the transmission of our identity into the virtual world. Representation of us is coming to life with constantly photo posting, location sharing and private details publishing over social media and assistive apps. We connect ourselves to smart devices that monitor our body and health and share this information carelessl online. Even when we don’t do so, the fact that the people around us have these habits is enough for search algorithms to learn a lot about us.

This series of sculptures is dealing with the development of technology at a faster pace than our understanding of its consequences. While technology development complies with Moore’s law and exponentially grow, the social discussion about how to use it stays in most cases far behind.

The work was presented in Design Lab #1 RAPID 3D Printing from Algorithms to Lemon Squeeze Museum of Decorative Arts, Berlin. Panel interview “In Progress – The Design Digitalisation”. 

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