What can we learn from an egg? When we take a look at a carton of eggs, usually all of them look the same to us, but is that actually the case?
Surprisingly, each egg can express itself. When it is placed in a strong acid like vinegar, the egg’s CUTICULA, which is a brown delicate skin, separates itself from the shell. Placing it on a piece of paper reveals kind of a “last wish” of the egg, breaking through it’s own boundaries. In this way, every egg forms a new random shape, which is “one of a kind”, just like no two people will ever be exactly the same. The work was exhibited in Retramp gallery as part of “Nacht und Nebel” Festival, and as a workshop in cooporation with Maker lab in DMY Design Festival.

During this project I went throughout an experiment of living with a fresh egg in my pocket for one week. It was a search for creating boundaries and than experiencing the feel of freedom from them. An exercise for getting reed of imaginary boundaries, we all tend to live in. Documentation > 

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