One Sheet

One sheet is a kinetic sculpture made together with the author Etgar Keret for the Inside Out Exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin. For the exhibition, Keret wrote nine short stories based on memories of his mother. The stories portray both his day-to-day family life in Israel and traumatic war experiences inspired by the life of the author’s mother, who was born in Poland in 1934.

One Sheet sculpture is the main exhibit in the work and is based on the Story Birthdays which is the key element to understanding all other texts. In this story, the mother at the age of 80 saw her birth certificate for the first time, realizing that her birthday was on a different date as she celebrated all her life. This notion surprised and shook her reality up to a point of insecurity about what can she trust in the world as she knew it.

The sculpture is made of a human size metal sheet hanging from the ceiling, and it resembles an old Suriel document. The slight vibrations of the metal make it feel like a living creature while creating a calming sound in the space. At times the sheet vibrates strongly, creating an unexpected, frightening roaring sound. The experience of the visitors resembles the feelings of the mother as one sheet of paper shook her entire reality.

Composition - Amir Shpilman 
Programming - Eric Medine

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