Ripples of Life represents the circles of life that compose the fabric of democracy. As we move from the private to the collective, from individual to communal life, our circles of interaction - depicted by six golden rims - get progressively larger and invite us to experience our shared space from different perspectives. To form a vibrant democracy, these interchanges must not be unmoored or directionless. They are only possible when they rest on solid common ground-the base with its thirteen stripes representing the American flag and the American democratic tradition. And they reach their highest potential when they strive for and draw on deep wisdom - the complexity of which can only be fully appreciated when viewing the circles of life as a unified whole.

Ripples of Life was designed by Yair Kira for the 2019 Lippman Kanfer Prize for Applied Jewish Wisdom, which focused on applying Jewish wisdom to democracy and civic engagement in USA.

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